Swedish UA4WHX Vladimir Bykov       
Trip Nr 1

Central America och Caribbean  2002


Trip Nr 2

Pacific   2003


Trip Nr 3

Middle East, Africa Indian Ocean   2005 - 07


Trip Nr 4

Mixed destinations


Trip Nr 5

South America.  2013 - 14


Trip Nr 6

Arctic   2015


Trip Nr 7

West Africa   2016 - 17



Welcome to my gallery of QSL cards from Vladimir Bykov UA4WHX's many trips around the world. He has since 2002 been on several expeditions, and managed to get permits and licenses from the most unique locations. Not only unique DXCC-enteties but also from very rare and distant IOTA islands. All accepted and approved by both  ARRL and the RSGB.


Vlad started already 1991/92 as AC4LN / KD4DZH from the US and was then under the 90s active from several locations including Europe (HB9 HB CT1). This gallery shows the most attractive QSL cards after his DX-peditions 2002 and beyond.


I myself have worked him from many exotic locations and collected  many of his beautiful cards. But of course, I do not have a complete collection, but also checked internet page pictures of missing cards in the collection. Yet it is surely not complete this collection and will probably never be. So if you have in your own collection a card that is missing here, I would be very grateful to receive a .jpg-copy to lend for a scanned picture.


In 2004, during a visit to the DX Summit in Karlsborg, I had the pleasure to have Vlad stay with me before his departure back to Izhevsk. Even then, he said that there were many more cards to find in the collection I had at that time. After this, he has additionally made several trips, and I've got Vlad's approval to publish this QSL image projects.


When this is written, his latest cards from West Africa and Europe in 2016 -17 has arrived. Most of them I managed to worked are published here under Trip 7.

Finally the OJ/UA4WHX-card has arrived. To be found at the end of page Trip Nr 7.

  SM5/AC4LN  **  October 2004 in my QTH Knivsta